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West Oaks urgent Care gives you peace of mind when you have are sick. Our urgent cares are located in local neighborhood  communities. We are open 7 days a week with no waiting time. Our urgent care and board- certified doctors treat adults and children of all ages. Call one of our urgent cares for more information.

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Frequently Asked questions

  • Whom can I speak with regarding my insurance coverage or rate?

    Please call your insurance provider directly for details related to your individual coverage, urgent care co-pay rates or deductibles pertaining to your personal health care insurance coverage.

  • I don't have any insurance. What should I do?

    No insurance, no problem. In this case, we have reasonable and transparent self-pay pricing policy.

  • How much will my visit cost?

    Actually it depends on the treatment. If you have an insurance, we have different policies for you depending on the insurance companies and policies. In case, if you don’t have an insurance please visit us or contact us for more information.

  • My insurance provider is not in the list. What should I do?

    Please call us at 281-496-4948 to verify if your insurance is accepted.

  • Does West Oaks Urgent Care accept cash?

    Yes, West Oaks Urgent Care Center accepts cash.

  • Does West Oaks Urgent Care accepts walk-in patients?

    Yeah, walk-ins are just fine.

  • What is the average waiting time?

    At West Oaks, here is almost zero waiting time.

  • Can you go to urgent care without parents or guardian?

    Patients between 16-18 years may be seen without parents or guardians for a well visit. However, the patient need to have a permission form signed by parent/guardian, unless it is a life-threatening emergency.

  • Does West Oaks Urgent Care see babies?

    Yes, we treat adults, kids and infants.

  • Could patients come with kids?

    Obviously they can. We are ready to take care of the kids while patients are under treatment process, if needed.

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